Foodhub is an online portal with a wide selection of restaurants and takeouts in your local area. Whether you fancy pizza, tex-mex, sushi, noodles or a sub; for lunch, dinner or as a treat, we have you covered. Our customers save money when ordering on Foodhub compared to ordering from our rivals. Even when it's the same meal from the same restaurant. How? Unlike other food portals, we don’t charge you a service fee for ordering. No service fee combined with exclusive offers from our restaurant partners mean that you’ll be saving money on your meal. Same meal, same restaurant, better deal. Our long list of restaurant partners is constantly growing thanks to our policy of not charging them a commission for orders made through Foodhub. Not only are you supporting your local business by using Foodhub, you’re benefiting from the exclusive discount they can afford to offer by not paying that commission to a rival platform. We’re committed to giving our customers a great experience. We regularly run competitions and prize draws exclusive for customers and we’re known to push out a cheeky discount code via the app from time to time. If you have any questions or recommendations, please contact us Thank you for joining the revolution!

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